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Using Leaflet distribution to help to grow your business and brand has become the most cost effective way to interact with your potential customers. Its become the most powerful example of direct adverting. It allows for a great return on your marketing investment within the areas you want to target. By choosing leaflet distribution your not leaving anything to chance. Your not reliant on a prospective customer buying a paper, turning the radio on or doing a online search. Your putting your promotional material on there door step, so it is inevitable they will pick it up! 

We are different though, we track every movement of our team to ensure the areas you selected are being targeted and that every last leaflet or promotional material has been delivered. This gives you peace of mind that the job has been actioned as requested and you can see the results. We even send you a detailed report the same day. Seeing is believing!

At Evolution we use key information and data analysis to work with you to ensure you hit the correct areas and target demographics to make the best out of your leaflet / promotional material.  We use our “chimney pot” software to ensure we guide you to the best result and return for you. We offer different levels of distribution to suit all budgets and needs. 

Best of all we collect all of your leaflets and promotional material from you and weigh and prepare them all for you!
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Distribution Offered

Door to Door – This is our standardised distribution service. It provides a quick and efficient way  to get your material through the letterbox of a potential customer. Other non competing leaflets or promotional material maybe on the same delivery route. This services includes our chimney pot report, GPS tracking and Final report.
Hand to Hand – This type of distribution is where we will directly hand your leaflet or promotional material to the potential  customers giving you a more targeted reach. You can choose how many staff and quantity are handed out.  We can also wear your brand to give the maximum effect. We gain all the relevant permissions with the land owner or council.   
One on One – This is our premium distribution service. It ensures only your leaflets or promotional material is put through the letter box. This give your brand and company the full attention of the reader. This service includes a one on one meeting to completed our chimney pot report, GPS tracking and a final report.

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